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3 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Crypto Marketing Agency

3 Top Questions Before Hiring Crypto Agency
Do you really need a crypto marketing agency? Well, we've put together 3 important questions to ask yourself before jumping into the deepend.
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Before we jump into the topic du jour, just a few points on who we are… is a Crypto & Blockchain Digital Marketing Agency. Yes, we specialize in marketing crypto and blockchain startups and businesses but that doesn’t mean we aren’t absolutely prepared to help you reach your business, technology, or marketing goals regardless of what niche or industry you’re in.


That being said, I hope you get something of value by spending time reading this article.

Shall we begin?

Do You Actually Need a Crypto Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency is just a group of independent consultants that realize it’s more efficient to work together than on their own. Positioning an agency as a crypto marketing agency just means they either have unique expertise in the niche or the agency evolved into a crypto marketing agency over time as their client roster became more concentrated in the space.


Ironically, it’s quite literally impossible to be an EXPERT at marketing cryptocurrency or blockchain projects. It’s fair to say that an agency focuses exclusively on the niche but claiming to be an expert is quite facetious and disingenuous. 

It might sound like a dumb question but have you considered the alternative?

Building an internal marketing team isn’t as hard as it might seem. If you’ve made it this far, and you’ve realized that you can’t do everything, congratulations on leveling up your self-awareness and admitting you don’t know everything.


Marketing agencies charge a premium for their services because well they can. If they are good, and I stress good, they’re worth their weight in gold. Marketing agencies can bring a host of experiences from many different industries to bear. In the business, we call it Cross-Pollination.


So how do you achieve the same ends without burning your cash? If you’re willing to do the project management work, the due diligence to vet candidates, you can replicate the same or similar value by hiring outside consultants for specific needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Going at it Alone?

Full Control Over Service Fees

As referenced above, agencies can charge a premium for their service for various reasons. Why? Well, they’re running a business as well.


Some agencies charge a premium because of reputation or branding. If that means something to you, then you do you.


In terms of cost control, you pay for what you need. If you need to work on search engine optimization, hire an SEO consultant. If you need to drive customers to your site immediately, hire a paid marketing expert.


More often than not, you can bootstrap some of your marketing needs before shelling out big bucks to hire an expert.

Get More Out of Hiring Subject Matter Experts

Digital marketing has come a long way in the past 15-20 years. In the old days, if you were a subject matter expert, that’s really all you knew. These days, most experts have to be relatively well versed in all areas of marketing.


Thus, hiring someone just for search engine optimization doesn’t just mean they can’t advise you on other important areas like content marketing, paid marketing (PPC), or even email marketing.

Take Them on a Test Drive

Probably one of the more important factors to consider is the ability to test out the individual without committing too many resources.


Marketing agencies tend to angle for 3-6 month locked in term contracts because it’s just not worth marshaling resources to get things going and getting dropped at the end of the month. 


Consultants can offer better terms. If you need to stagger payment structures, go month-to-month, or even come up with an exotic pay for performance structure, it’s a lot easier to do when you’re only dealing with one person.

Can I figure this Out On My Own?

A wise old man once said, “Stick to what you know. Delegate the rest!” Truer words were never spoken. 


One of the most important realizations an entrepreneur can have is when they’ve reached the limit of their expertise. At some point, bootstrapping and figuring things out on your own starts to hold you back. 


Time is money…


There’s really no easier way to put it. This fact of life is compounded 10x when you’re an early-stage startup focusing on say a new NFT, ICO, a Layer 2 Bitcoin platform, or some FinTech concept. Thus, how is your time best served?


The simple answer is to do what you love which is most likely building your product or service.


Digital marketing is a different animal. It’s an industry that is quite literally changing on a daily basis. Google makes minor updates to it’s algorithm all the time. Facebook and Google Ads releases new as products from time to time. There are new content management system popping up all the time. 


Digital marketing professionals spend their life in the weeds and love it. It’s what they love… So let them do what they love to do and you do you.


That doesn’t absolve you from doing your due diligence and picking the right person or agency to partner with. Don’t rush this sort of thing. It can be the difference between your venture or campaign being successful or being a glorious failure.

Bringing it All Together

If you’ve come this far, I hope you are coming away with some basic idea of what to consider before jumping into the deep end. Ironically, nothing about this article serves BitCOINseo’s interest. We’ve basically asked you to really try and do this by yourself.


If you did walk through this exercise and realized that you really do need the help. 


BitCOINseo is here to help!


The fact is, we’d rather work with clients that are 100% confident that we are experts in this field and have their best interests at heart. After all, your success is our success!

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