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5 Innovative Zoom Marketing Tactics

Zoom Marketing Tactics
Zoom is the most popular video conferencing application out there. Have you considered how to use it for marketing your product or service?
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Stand Out & Impress Customers with Zoom Marketing

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It’s no secret that Zoom is the hottest video conferencing platform out there right now in 2020. In a world where marketers are trying to figure out innovative ways to get in front of consumers Zoom can offer many creative ways to market your products and services.


Zoom marketing is actually not as complicated as it may seem. It’s just something that hasn’t been really thought of before because nobody has been forced to think creatively in this type of environment. Consumers have turned to video conferencing as a way to connect with others as a panacea for forced social distancing. This is an opportunity for anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and make something out of it.

How to Market Blockchain & NFT Projects via Zoom

Zoom Marketing is incredibly versatile, portable, and accessible to all types of consumers and investors. Crypto, Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology is the wild west these days and money is being thrown around everywhere if you know where to look. The following is a list of ways that Zoom Marketing could help you promote, scale, and attract investment opportunities for you’re new coin, NFT, or blockchain software:

Use Zoom to Present Your App or Platform Functionality

In the post COVID world, online and video communications have become the new normal. The noise is ratcheting up and many people are clamoring for attention from influential YouTubers, Twitter Personalities, and Online Publishers.


The only way to keep control of your narrative is to develop your own personalized events to share and provide tutorials on how to use your new software in groups of all sizes.


Zoom Marketing makes that magic happen with relatively zero effort and expense. Screen share with your viewers and provide tutorials and use cases on how to use your app or platform. 

Your customers and potential investors will appreciate the effort and remember the experience more than just a quick elevator pitch at a conference.

Use Zoom to Walk Through Investor Decks

Why travel thousands of miles when you can get a room full of venture capital, private wealth, or angel investors grouped into a single Zoom room and click on the share screen button. It’s almost as if we were living in the stone age just a couple of years ago pre-COVID. 


Presenting or marketing your bitcoin/crypto app or platform via Zoom is how immersive the presentation can be for the viewers. The host can assign team leaders and viewers can break out into rooms and go through use cases to truly show off the power of your project. It really is amazing what you can do with all this new technology.


Arguably the most important point benefit of using Zoom to market or prompt your project is reducing fear and anxiety by taking the call in a safe familiar space. Sitting in a room with multiple people with the power to change your life with the stroke of a pen, would send shivers down anyone’s spine.


Some projects literally don’t survive because founders can’t muster the courage to present in person. Zoom offers a reprieve from that nightmare and gives you the best shot at success.

Sponsoring Zoom Meetings

Sponsorship is nothing new to event-based marketing but there is a real opportunity to offer the host of a meeting a financial incentive to pitch a product or service before, during, and after a meeting. Think of the recent explosive growth in podcasts. Many of these podcasts are financed by sponsors and as a result, they’ve been able to improve the production value of their service. There is an incentive for hosts to finance their efforts in entertaining their audience.


There are creative ways one could offer samples of a product or service that can entice attendees to give your product a go. Samples are a great way for consumers to take your product or service for a test drive before they truly commit to being a customer. We highly encourage you to integrate a way of offering a sample to your attendees throughout the meeting.

Product Placement in Zoom Meetings

Everybody has seen the Omega watch or Aston Martin featured in multiple James Bond films. Imagine a host discussing a product throughout their presentation or during their turn to speak in a Zoom meeting. Call-outs throughout the meeting are simple ways to prompt consumers about the use of a product or service. At the very minimum, you could wear a shirt that promotes a product or service throughout the meeting.

Background & Screen Share Billboards

At the beginning of the end of a Zoom meeting, the host can share their screen and promote a brand, product or service to their viewers. This is a simple presentation that will garner the views of a captivated audience. The host or multiple attendees can be prompted to change their virtual background as well to reflect the brand, product, or service.


A banner should include a simple message, creative, and a call to action. We suggest a quick link submitted in the public chat at the beginning and the end of the meeting. It’s very important to have something for consumers to do after they’ve been exposed to a marketing message.

Social Sharing & Community Engagement

Zoom marketing should include prompts to share, engage with brands, products or services. A simple call to action pointing to a request for a review, follow of a social media platform, or a comment on a post would be helpful for brand awareness and visibility. These are some simple ways to keep the audience connected with the brand and develop loyalty.

Zoom Infomercials

Infomercials are one of the oldest most effective marketing tactics. Hosting a meeting with the exclusive intent to discuss the nitty-gritty details of a product or service is a great way to promote a product or service. This is a long-form of advertising which has demonstrated meaningful results on TV, Radio, and live events. 


We recommend making the Zoom meeting interactive with opportunities for consumers to ask questions, raise hands, or encourage comments in the chat for people to engage. You can encourage the audience to interact with you is a great way to bring them deeper into the sales experience.

Generating Revenue From Zoom Marketing

Marketers are very familiar with the need to have some type of hook or call to action at the end of any campaign. As a result, we suggest each marketing method you employ has some sort of full stack digital marketing strategy to drive consumers to a website that will lead to a transaction or sharing of information. Zoom is a great way to take advantage of a captive audience that is highly motivated to hear and absorb information.


Marketers that have the foresight to see this as an opportunity will find themselves generating interest in their products and services in ways they have never experienced before. Zoom Marketing is a tool to enhance your digital marketing strategy which should also include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media, and content marketing. 

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